Gorham silver used these housemarks in its sterling silver items: Tuttle Silversmiths – Boston, MA: Tuttle Silversmith was bought by Wallace Silversmiths in Robert Wallace is considered the first metalsmith to make a spoon out of German. An extensive reference guide to silver marks , hallmarks , trademarks and. Equally exquisite for everyday dining and entertaining, Wallace sterling silver brings elegance to any table setting. Established in , Wallace is a preeminent.

How to Identify Antique Spoons

As late as the s, you would bring your own spoon to a feast and break up your food with your hands or a general-purpose knife, while forks did not gain popularity until late in the 17th century. You can identify antique spoons by looking at their style and construction. Look to see how the spoon is made. Therefore a spoon made in two pieces in likely to be very early indeed.

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Antique collectors’ corner: Judith Miller’s top tips on collecting silver

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We loved the design of this silverware,so we ordered two sets to have spares. When they arrived, we immediately noticed that the thickness of this silverware is lesser than the set we previously owned, but we loved the design so much that we decided to keep them anyway.

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Q: How did flatware evolve?A: From 18th…

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Tiffany Maker Marks Born in , Jensen was the son of a knife grinder in the town of Raadvad just to the north of Copenhagen. Jensen began his training in goldsmithing at the age of 14 in Copenhagen. His apprenticeship with the firm Guldsmed Andersen, ended in , and this freed young Georg to follow his artistic interests.

From childhood, Jensen had longed to be a sculptor and he now pursued this course of study at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts. Stieff was now in the silver manufacturing business. A few years after his father’s death, Jabez was apprenticed at age 14 to Nehemiah Dodge, one of the founders of the silverware and jewelry industry in 18th-century New England. After learning his craft for seven years, Jabez formed a partnership that failed within five years.

The determined young man then formed his own business as “Jabez Gorham, Jeweler. From father to son, this family produced silversmiths for two hundred years. Attracted by the prosperous port, Kirk opened his shop at Market Street later known as Baltimore Street with fellow silversmith, John Smith. After the partnership was dissolved in , Samuel Kirk carried on the business alone until his eldest son, Henry Child Kirk, became a partner.

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Sterling silver is the traditional material from which good quality cutlery is made (hence the usage of the term in the United States). Historically, silver had the advantage over other metals of being less chemically reactive. Chemical reactions between certain foods and the cutlery metal can lead to unpleasant tastes.

Buying a piece of antique silver can be quite a daunting exercise, especially if it is an expensive piece. However if the guidelines in this article are followed then the buyer will have a sound base from which to act. Never be frightened to ask the dealer questions, as all reputable dealers are more than willing to help. There are many good books on the market that give details of hallmarks. All are available in good bookshops and are an excellent source of information.

A silver hallmark is nothing more than an indication of metal content and its purity or quality. Depending on country of origin, hallmarks can also include symbols for place of origin. Sterling silver hallmark etching and engraving have been in use in England and France since the 14th century. Most other European countries also use hallmarks.

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Your guide to antique pottery marks, porcelain marks and china marks Dating Antique Silver Hallmarks Antique Silver Hallmarks and how to indentify where your silver comes from. Antique silver hallmarks have been used to control the quality of goods made of silver since the 14th century and the organisation that regulates the craft, Goldsmiths Hall, gave the world the term hallmark. Every item made of silver must be sent to an Assay Office for testing.

This is to ensure it is of the required sterling silver standard and, provided it conforms to a standard, a series of symbols are stamped into each part of the item. Today and for the past few centuries, this stamp or silver hallmark has shown the place and year of manufacture of the assayed silver item, as well as the silversmith who made or sponsored the item.

Skip the line at the Rijksmuseum and gain direct entry thanks to your e-ticket! Admire over masterpieces by great artists such as Jan Steen, Frans Hals, Vermeer and Rembrandt. See the beautiful doll’s houses, a wealth of silverware, and much more.

What is the value of this set? From Patsy in Richmond, Virginia. I have 4 pounds of Roger Brothers IS. I was just wondering what it was worth. I would like to know more about it before I decide whether or not to sell it? From Tim in Pacific, Missouri. There are a few main points that we try to address when talking about Rogers Brothers: This is the founding date of Rogers Brothers that they include in the hallmark of all their silverware. The point is that neither of these markings gives any indication about the purity or value of the silver.

Some pieces are silver plate. Sometimes people automatically assume that old silver pieces are sterling, but silver plating techniques have been around since the s.


Typical examples include a genuinely old and hallmarked base married to a later and less valuable handle, or vice versa. These can be very skilfully executed and, until you gain experience from looking at and handling silver, marriages are difficult to spot. Decorative embellishments Engraved armorials, initials or dedications add provenance to a piece and almost invariably add value. But watch out for later additions deliberately designed to enhance the price.

These can be difficult to detect, but may appear more brilliantly sharp especially under magnification compared to any original decoration on a piece.

english electroplate silver marks and hallmarks of sheffield and birmingham silver plate makers with the addition of other british, scottish and irish manufacturers.

The prime purpose of these marks is to show that the metal of the item upon which they are stamped is of a certain level of purity. The metal is tested and marked at special offices, regulated by the government, known as assay offices. Only metal of the required standard will be marked. It is a form of consumer protection, whose origin goes back almost years. Fortunately, with the use of a single reference book, it is possible for even a complete novice to decipher the vast majority. Although there are many books on the market which can be used to help read hallmarks, the standard book of reference, used by dealers and collectors world wide is Bradbury’s Book of Hallmarks.

This pocket sized reference contains all of the marks that one is likely to encounter on a regular basis. Armed with this book, the process of reading these marks can be split into the 5 simple steps shown below. Bradbury’s book of hallmarks was last updated in by the Sheffield Assay office. It can be purchased directly from there or from any major book seller.

Simply flick through the book, looking at the top of the tables of marks to remind yourself if you forget. If you can’t see any of these 5 marks, the chances are that the item is either not British or is silverplated. If you can find one of these marks, then you know that the item is British silver and you can move onto stage 2.

This mark is only struck once.


History Tradition says that the church was founded in the 8th century, but the first documented reference dates to The church is dedicated to St James the Greater, the apostle. The dell’Orio part is said by some to be a corruption of del lauro of the bay tree and to refer to a tree said to have been growing on the site when the church was founded.

Competing theories suggest wolves, a contraction of Apostolo, the rio, a swamp luprio or the Orio family. The church was remodelled and enlarged in , using funds provided by the Badoer and Da Mula familes.

Jesus College was founded on 27 June , when Elizabeth I issued a royal charter. It was the first Protestant college to be founded at the university, and it is the only Oxford college to date from Elizabeth’s reign. It was the first new Oxford college since , in the reign of Queen Mary, when Trinity College and St John’s College were founded as Roman Catholic colleges.

The Collecting Of Old Silverware Part 1 Of 3 IT is impossible to maintain that any one form of collecting is better than any other-that it is more absorbing to the devotee, or seems less foolish to the scoffer. There are certain elements in the collecting of old silver, however, which differentiate it from all other forms of collecting. Old silver is intrinsically valuable for its metal alone, and intrinsically beautiful in its workmanship. Furthermore, the collecting of old silver, because of the system of hall-marks, which will be explained later, may be reduced more nearly to an exact science than any other form of collecting.

In old furniture we look for style, age, and material, and in Georgian furniture for the maker; in old blue china the salient points are maker and pictorial subject; in silver we seek for the year of manufacture, style, and history, but, above all, for the individual beauty and usefulness of the piece. The value of old silver is real value. The collection of old silver has been wide-spread for many years, but its popularity is increasing rapidly, and whether as a fad or a serious business, it is yearly gaining devotees who cannot be appealed to by any.

In no other line can the collector afford to be more conservative. Not a single thing need be accepted merely because it is old; there are enough things that are both useful and beautiful to be had, and the old silver collection need not be large or comprehensive’ to be valuable. There have been silversmiths and silverware for so long that there is silver in existence representing practically every period of history back to the deluge.

The amateur collector might as well recognize first as last the immensity of the field he is starting out to delve in, and decide to work one corner of it thoroughly. As a matter of fact, leaving out of consideration for the time being those enthusiasts who possess a personal hobby and recognize no other, the average householder in America to-day, if he is interested in such matters at all, is interested chiefly in the French, American, and English ware.

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