Merchants in antiquity[ edit ] Phoenician trade route map Merchants have existed as long as business, trade and commerce have been conducted. Open air, public markets, where merchants and traders congregated, were known in ancient Babylonia and Assyria, China, Egypt, Greece, India, Persia, Phoenicia and Rome. These markets typically occupied a place in the town’s centre. Surrounding the market, skilled artisans, such as metal-workers and leather workers, occupied premises in alley ways that led to the open market-place. These artisans may have sold wares directly from their premises, but also prepared goods for sale on market days. Rome had two forums; the Forum Romanum and Trajan’s Forum. The latter was a vast expanse, comprising multiple buildings with shops on four levels. The Roman forum was arguably the earliest example of a permanent retail shop-front.


Catalonia straddles the border, so Catalan culture is dominant in the language and cuisine. Perpignan was the capital of the old Catalan province of Roussillon, under the Counts of Roussillon. When he died, his realm was divided between his sons. His younger son, also called Jaime, got a rather bizarre ersatz kingdom, called the Kingdom of Majorca which included the Roussillon, Majorca and other Mediterranean possessions.

Jaime was the first of three hereditary kings of Majorca. They made the city their capital between and

Hotel Arts is located at one of the city’s main points of interest, right on the beach facing the Port Olímpic marina. In addition to having extensive patios and gardens, it is perfectly integrated into the city, and its extraordinary location offers magnificent views of both Barcelona and the Mediterranean.

Our team has been growing ever since. Now 30 persons are working together to manage your meeting. MCO team members confirm their motivation to accompany your Society and create such a reliable partnership that we could become your core- PCO for the forthcoming editions. A core-PCO is a Professional Congress Organiser contracted by an European or International Association to handle the main aspects of its recurring meetings wherever they are held.

MCO will provide all coordination tools and its know-how in order to maintain, or even improve all services linked to this Congress, enabling a regular up dating of all items. MCO will promote the Congress among its network industrials listings, major scientific events, websites, … and will gather all logistic informations helping your Society to choose the best options, both in quality and financial terms.

MCO will also ensure all administrative and secretary tasks within the organisation of the Congress. MCO will be the interface between all the actors of the event: Our headquarters in Marseille will also be conveniant for the organizers in Montpellier, since the 2 cities are really close. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the Centenary Committee for its trust. We are committed to our clients and learned societies to help them maintain a high level of participation and sponsorship during their congresses.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information:

All the rooms. Everywhere.

Recommended by Kami from My Wanderlust While the majority of tourists visiting Czech Republic focus on Prague only, just a short hour drive away you can find a real gem that not many know about — Liberec. This beautiful Czech city offers a great mix of interesting history, beautiful architecture, a good culinary and cafes! The most impressive place is the town hall, built at the end of the 19th century. One of the most pleasant things to do in Liberec is just walking around — the city has so many beautiful villas from the turn of the 19th and 20th century!

Beautiful nature with fjords and waterfalls that fall from cliffs to the ocean decorate the treeless landscape. At the end of practically every fjord lies a small village with turf houses and a church.

Spotting scopes are an important tool for hunting. I like to use binoculars to glass and grid an area and then use the superior magnification of a spotting scope to examine what I’ve found.

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This air-conditioned hotel offers free WiFi throughout. The non-smoking rooms have a flat screen TV, an iPod dock, a safe, a minibar, a coffee machine and an electric kettle. The private bathrooms are equipped with a shower and come with bathrobes, slippers and a hairdryer. All rooms have a garden view. Mas de Boudan offers a shared garden and terrace area. There is an on-site shop selling homemade and local produce.

Dec 5th International Austrian Open Swimming Championships (25m) Graz (AUT) Nov Open Belgian Swimming Championships Short Course.

The daughter of working-class parents from Reims, she took Cuno Amiet Snowy Landscape A large painting, measuring more than four square metres, Snowy Landscape by the Swiss painter Cuno Amiet is astonishing for the disproportionately large area In order to avenge the murder of his father by But this success did not satisfy Marie Bashkirtseff at all, While at Charles Gleyre’s studio, While attending the university, he used to visit Gleyre’s studio At the beginning of that year, Bazille was sharing his The subject, the martyrdom of the early Christians, glorifies the virtues of In , it had the highest circulation of any newspaper, with 32, Emile Bernard Madeleine in the Bois d’Amour Emile Bernard was only twenty when he painted this life-size portrait of his sister Madeleine, then aged seventeen.

He portrayed her lying in the Bois d’Amour Emile Bernard Breton Women with Umbrellas The Pont-Aven school brought together a very diverse group of artists who met regularly in this little village in South Finistere from the mid s onwards Emile Bernard Stoneware Pots and Apples Searching for a pure style of painting in a reaction against Naturalism, and also against Impressionism and the dissolution of forms, Emile Bernard For him, it was an opportunity to demonstrate his stylistic development, and

Things to See in the Languedoc: Historic Cities: Perpignan

The discovery of hundreds of sea lily fossils in a dusty riverbed near Exmouth in north-west Western Australia has rewritten the species’ history book by millions of years. Sea lilies, or crinoids, are the lesser known cousins of sea stars and sea urchins. Members for the echinoderm family, sea lilies anchor themselves to the ocean floor by their stalk and have frond-like tentacles. Sea lilies were previously thought to have become extinct from the shallow seas that covered the southern hemisphere about 66 million years ago.

However, the ancient marine fossil record — preserved in rock inland from Exmouth — suggests sea lilies survived in shallow waters until 33 million years ago. This challenges palaeontologists’ current theory of marine life evolution in the southern hemisphere.

Information, Recommendations, Prestige Properties & Holiday Homes in Nîmes List all properties in Nîmes. Nîmes is the capital of the Gard department and has a rich history, dating back to the Roman Empire, and is a popular tourist destination.

Busts of “Marianne” Various-see notes There must be dozens of Injalbert’s busts of ” Marianne “, whether in plaster, marble or bronze, scattered throughout France. They are always given pride of place and are often decked with the tricolour. A bust of “Marianne” was also favoured as a centre-piece for public fountains and Injalbert’s model is often used, mostly in bronze, which is more suitable in a water environment. However many of the public fountain busts were requisitioned by the Germans during their occupation, or by the Vichy regime The busts were melted down so that the metal could be reused in the manufacture of armaments.

Given the volume involved it would not therefore seem appropriate to itemize all the locations of Injalbert’s “Marianne”, whether in town halls and mairies or used on public fountains. As stated many public water fountains had Injalbert “Marianne” busts incorporated into their design. For example, in Villemagne in the Aude there is an Injalbert bronze bust of “Marianne” decorating the fountain which was a gift from Monsieur Dujardin Beaumetz.

100 Best Places to Visit in Europe

While on holidays in Italy , there could be nothing better than getting your hands on some fragrant coffee and a fresh pastry, sitting outside an amazing cafe, and taking a leisurely breakfast while enjoying your new surroundings. That’s how to best start off any day holidaying in Italy. If you have found a vacation rental in Lecce , there is one pastry that you should keep in mind and make sure to sample during your stay.

That is the pasticciotto: There are also variations on the original that can have chocolate cream, pistachio cream and more but the OG is a must for first-timers.

Jeddah (جِدّة, also spelled Jiddah) is on the Red Sea in western Saudi Arabia. It is the second largest city, with a population of approximately 3,,, and a major commercial center in the country.

The discovery of the whale bones in the ruins of a Roman fish processing factory located at the strait of Gibraltar also hints at the possibility that the Romans may have hunted the whales. Prior to the study, by an international team of ecologists, archaeologists and geneticists, it was assumed that the Mediterranean Sea was outside of the historical range of the right and gray whale. Aerial view of some of the fish-salting tanks cetaria in the ancient Roman city of Baelo Claudia, near today’s Tarifa in Spain.

Bernal-Casasola, University of Cadiz. Academics from the Archaeology Department at the University of York used ancient DNA analysis and collagen fingerprinting to identify the bones as belonging to the North Atlantic right whale Eubalaena glacialis and the Atlantic gray whale Eschrichtius robustus. After centuries of whaling, the right whale currently occurs as a very threatened population off eastern North America and the gray whale has completely disappeared from the North Atlantic and is now restricted to the North Pacific.

Whales are often neglected in Archaeological studies, because their bones are frequently too fragmented to be identifiable by their shape…Our study shows that these two species were once part of the Mediterranean marine ecosystem and probably used the sheltered basin as a calving ground. The findings contribute to the debate on whether, alongside catching large fish such as tuna, the Romans had a form of whaling industry or if perhaps the bones are evidence of opportunistic scavenging from beached whales along the coast line.

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